The arrival of a new little person into your world is undescribable! So many emotions swimming through you at once. Happiness, fear, hope and excitement are just a few that I know I felt on the day that both of my children were born. Nothing can compare.

The “birth” of this blog has brought me some of the same emotions (on a smaller scale of course). The excitement of a new project! Hope that people can relate to what I am expressing. Fear that I will be utterly misunderstood and be looked at as epic mom fail. BUT the happiness at the thought of having a way to save and share all the beautiful and embarrassing moments that these sweet little messes have brought to my world was by far the strongest emotion. Plus, a way to vent and use grown up words was a huge deal.

So, I hope you can enjoy this new arrival with me.Or at least, please do not send hate mail?. Have fun and hug your cute little heathens!



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